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One-Of-A-Kind Family Experience

The Animal Lovers Farm is a little piece of heaven for families who love animals. We provide charming residences in our enchanted forest and being 'up-close and personal' with absolutely beautiful animals. There's a rare, relaxing vibe.... a magical feel on this one-of-a kind property.


People love our friendly horses, our adorable miniature horse, lovable miniature donkeys, spirited wild turkeys, playful miniature goats, busy chickens and ducks... even a sweet mule. The animals are all well maintained. They live in relaxing harmony, often roaming free, in a pristine environment. It's a wonderful setting. Ride, feed, or just pet and love-on them all. It's a rare experience for the whole family.

DSC02935-24.jpg 2.png

Truly charming residences with all the comforts of home. We love making them cool and country. It's 'unusually comfortable' farm life. Perfect settings to create life-time memories. Inspiring firepits to enjoy. Warning! may find a friendly donkey at your door, at anytime, looking for a treat.

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We are located just 12 miles from Fish Eating Creek. A must see wildlife sanctuary. Rated as one of the best in Florida. A real adventure for kayakers with its scenic beauty and diverse animals. Gators, foxes, panthers, and bears all live there. Exquisite birds are everywhere. Seasoned bird watchers call it a 'must see'. It is a real 'home run' for kayakers who love viewing wildlife.


We are exceptional value for animal lovers. Quests love our perks. With each night stay, families recieve 2 hours of free horseback riding. Plus, enjoy the inspiring adventure of living 24/7 in a wonderful petting zoo. Perfect setting to enjoy nature and create lifetime memories with all family members.


Come visit us soon. We promise we'll do our best to make sure your family has a remarkably relaxing and exhilarating experience.

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