Errol grew up on an Island near Belize in Central America.  Every day he’d go out with friends fishing or skin diving hoping to catch enough for the whole family.  Errol moved to South Florida and has spent most of life on the water continuing the passion he learned as a child.  Errol is a avid marine photographer and open water fisherman.   Errol will instruct you how to safely maneuver your jet ski and how to outfit your fishing rod.



Jane “Jungle Jane” is a native Floridian who has spent most her of life on the water. Jane is a avid marine photographer, Treasure Diver and Marine Museum Curator. For the last 20 years Jane has witnessed the decimation of fish ….both tropical and native species by the invasion of predatory Lionfish. Jane’s passion is to help restore this ecosystem by educating the public to “Eat a Lionfish.



Robert “Cowboy” Bayard has lived on the water and his sailboat most of his life. Cowboy is both a Sailing Instructor and Diving instructor. While living in Marathon Florida he gave much of his time to helping to “Save the Turtles”. Now is passion is ridding the Reefs of the predatory Lionfish