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Palm Beach, FLorida

Planets Hottest SHARK Spot

Help Save Our Reefs. 
Spend a Day in Paradise!

This is an experience of a lifetime… a day you will remember forever.  Snorkel beautiful reefs, Enjoy the thrill and excitement of experiencing Sharks and Manatee's in a 'Clear Kayak.  Explore an island where President John F. Kennedy built his secret bomb shelter and to make this experience truly unforgettable we will cruise Palm Beach’s crystal blue waters in our Sportfisherman …HelloParadise. This is the best way to get an up-close view of Palm Beaches Billionaires row (including the Winter White House) and see some of the World’s most spectacular yachts.

Helloparadise Tours

Manatee 1.jpg

Eco-Tour in Paradise

In a Clear Kayak

Shark Encounter 

In a Clear Kayak

Hello Paradise 3.jpg

Lionfish Expedition

and Gourmet Dinner


Island Hopping 

Adventure in Paradise 

Luxury PGA Condo and

Free HelloParadise Tours

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