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Lionfish Expedition and Gourmet Dinner

Experience Florida’s beautiful reefs in one of our New 'Clear Motorized' Kayaks which features a completely transparent hull so you can enjoy the benefits of snorkeling/diving without ever having to use a mask or bulky scuba tanks. 

Nothing is as exhilarating as exploring in a clear motorized Kayak.  The young and old....

The fit and not so fit ....will find that Kayaking with an electric jet motor is truly revolutionary.  Trolling at 3-5 mph in the peaceful clear waterways viewing Nature is a magical experience and something you will never forget.  

We will snorkel 3 coral reefs teeming with exotic sea creatures. When snorkeling the reef, you can help by, sighting and tracking ….the invasive Lionfish. You will be participating in the World’s largest Ocean Science Program. We will enter this important information into a national database. Your data will help solve this national disaster.

We will cruise to a private island.... where you will learn how to clean and cook gourmet Lionfish tacos…Bahamian style.  The more Lionfish you eat…the better it is for the ecosystem. After your Lionfish feast, you can explore the famous Peanut Island where President John F. Kennedy built his secret bomb shelter. Don’t miss this attraction. This marine adventure will be documented using our GoPro video cameras. You can upload them to your Social Media to share with your friends. 

Finally, when we return to the dock you can chill on our yacht HelloParadise or explore the nearby waterways on our SeaDoo jet ski. This vacation adventure will certainly leave you with …. Memories that will last a lifetime.

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