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Shark Encounter in a Clear Kayak


Encountering sharks is a heart-pounding adventure, no matter what the species


HELLOPARADISE  gets you up-close and personal with sharks in their natural surroundings. Palm Beach is home to some of the most shark rich waters in the world.  Whether you’re an experienced shark diver or a novice looking to see sharks for the first time, we have the experience and equipment you need to have a safe and successful day of adventure on the water. 


Our most popular trip IS where we offer BOTH ....CLEAR KAYAKS and Free Diving with sharks.  Our Trips are designed for families who want to see sharks in the wild without getting in the water.   The safest way to encounter sharks up-close is in our Revolutionary Clear Lexan kayaks that are 250 times stronger than glass and so buoyant they are unsinkable .  We cruise just 20 minutes from the dock into the crystal blue waters of the Gulfstream ....where you will see one of nature’s greatest predators in its own habitat.  Once we reach the shark grounds....It doesn’t take long for sharks to show up and provide you an experience that will be life changing.  You will have plenty of time to take pictures and document this experience for ever. 


We routinely see.... Tiger,  Hammerhead, Bull, Dusky, Silky, Lemon, Sandbar, Blacktip, and Reef Sharks.  You may get the chance to see dolphins, manatees, and other wildlife. 


A very important part of our shark adventure is education. You will be presented with fascinating facts about shark biology and behavior, conservation issues and the significance of sharks in Florida's eco-system.   An estimated 60 percent of the world sharks have been killed and the numbers continue to decline.  Through a personal encounter we hope to show that a healthy ocean needs sharks.....and they also need our understanding and protection.  Anyone that has visited these shark rich waters will walk away a changed person

What we’ll do

Palm Beach has some the most shark rich waters in the world. View one of nature's greatest predators in our clear Kayaks that are designed for families of all ages. By far... the safest way to encounter sharks up close is in our Revolutionary Clear Lexan kayaks that are 250 times stronger than glass and so buoyant they are unsinkable. Just thirty minutes from the dock we will get you safely to the Gulfstream.. .where you will see up-close these magnificent and misunderstood creatures. 

Encountering wild sharks is a heart-pounding adventure that you will never forget. So if you’re looking for a world-class opportunity to come face to face with Florida's apex predator on it's home turf.... sign up today.

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