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"Welcome! I'm Jane Adler. My family owns the 'Animal Lovers Farm'. You'll recognize me because of my little black dog... Elvis who is always by my side. Our family have been longtime animal lovers.Our farm is a little piece-of-heaven for families who appreciate enchanted forests, magical scenery and living up-close and personal with beautiful animals living in harmony. Guests can ride our friendly horses or just feed, pet and love-on them. Our miniature goats, miniature donkeys and miniature horse, wild turkeys, ducks, chickens and pretty-boy mule... all make noisy yet friendly neighbors. It's a really fun experience for everyone.The farm has a cool vibe...serene and peaceful. A very positive feel. The massive oaks and Spanish Moss creates a 'dome of light' that illuminates the entire property. It gives the property a magical feeling. 

We bought the property for this very reason. We knew we were at home the moment we saw it. It is inspiring and something special to see.


We traveled the state of Florida to find it. We found our 'perfect enchanted forest' in Venus. It's classic Old Florida. Only 15 minutes from Lake Placid which was named the 'Most Interesting Small Town in America' by Readers Digest. Guests love it. It has cool restaurants, fun bars, beautiful art and great gyms.Our clan have always loved rehabbing homes. So we really enjoyed updating and decorating the three charming residences we rent on the farm. My personal favorite is the 'Oldest' recorded residence in Venus. Each have all the comforts of home from wi-fi to Netflix. We decorated them in 'country cool.' All have gorgeous views. Wonderful fire pits. Check out our photos in the Farm Album. Please be 'aware' may have a miniature donkey, or two, show up at your door looking for a treat... boy are they persistent.


Another reason we love Venus is the Fisheaters Outpost.... just 12 miles from the farm. A well kept secret. My brother Mike loves animals and kayaking. He is blown away with the Fish Eaters Outpost everytime he goes. It's a must see wildlife sanctuary. Our guests are captivated by the natural beauty and the variety of wildlife that live there. It's home to bobcats, gators, deer, foxes, bears, and even panthers. They are often seen roaming on the river banks. Exquisite birds are everywhere eagles, blue herons, hawks, egrets, ibis...even the endangered Wood Stock. We can provide a 'motorized kayak' for people , like me, that just want to lean back and enjoy the majestic scenery and let the motor do the paddling. Really fun. Watch out for our gator friends...they are everywhere.

Guests always get a smile when they visit our Chicken Shack. Gathering fresh eggs for breakfast is a farm ritual. We like to say our pets 'will make your breakfast'. It's home to our rambunctious chickens, ducks and wild turkeys. Feed them treats and you can create quite a fuss. Parents often say what a magical time they have experiencing the beauty of all the animals through their kids eyes.The Animal Lovers Farm is an unforgettable get-away experience, yet very affordable. That's a impressive combination. We really do treasure seeing the joy in people, adults and kids, as they bond with our beautiful animals and totally relax in this very special environment. We feel families making 'sweet memories' together is what life is all about.


Check-out our new Farm Album. It will give you an idea why a guest recently called us a 'Country Oasis'.Speaking of guests, a well traveled couple recently told me that they have been to more than a hundred airbnbs and 'Experiences'. They thought we were the most relaxing and special place they have ever been. They are coming back for their 40th anniversity. Come visit ...we're truly a one-of-kind property. You haven't really laughed till you see 20 pound Elvis, chase a 1200 pound horse around our corral and suddenly the horse has had enough.....and decides to chase him. It's a riot.These are special times. We hope to meet you soon. God bless!"

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